Wedding Tips For Your Wedding Day!


Hey there, my beautiful friend!  Let, be honest..there are so many things to think about when you are planning a wedding, you probably haven't planned too many of them! So, friends, no matter who your wedding photographer is, I wanted to give you a few helpful tips to help you get through your wedding day with a little more sparkle!

1. Designate - You've got pretty awesome friends, right?  That's why you've asked them to be there on this oh-so-important occasion.  Why not make them useful?  Designate jobs to your friends and loved ones and do it ahead of time.  Trust your bridesmaids and designate jobs or errands to them.  Even little things like bustling your train, picking up lunch, or having the church undecorated before mass starts can be so much simpler if you designate those jobs to others.  They love you and will be happy to do it, and you have more important things think how gorgeous you are about to look going down that isle!  

2. Resting Bitch Face (a.k.a. RBF) - Don't worry, it happens to all of us.  Some more than me.  There is a standing joke when I get all serious, and my kids will ask what's wrong.  When I respond with, "Nothing," they retort, "You forgot to tell your face!"  THE STRUGGLE IS REAL, FRIENDS.  Fortunately, most days we can get away with RBF because there isn't a camera following you around most of the time...not so on your wedding day!  You don't have to cheese it up the whole time...a little goes a long way.  When you see the camera pointed your way, just imagine how good it's going to feel to get those shoes off your's the sure fire way to keep your RBF at bay!  (Hey, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!)

3. Your Grandma MAY be in Attendance, but She Isn't The One You're Kissing - I'm not asking you to go "full make-out session" at the alter, but this is not your grandma you're kissing!  Grooms, pull your new bride close from the small of her waist.  Brides, bring your free hand to his chest or arm. Then, pucker up!  Count to "three Mississippi" to give your photographer time to catch the perfect shot.  


4. Manage Your Expectations - Guys, I know sometimes it seems like photographers are miracle workers, but your photographer is not Santa Claus. I'm good, but I'm not that good.  Much to my chagrin, I do not have the ability to manipulate time and take three hours worth of photos with every conceiveable combination of your family, your bridal party, and your dog in the 20 minutes you carved out for me.  (Believe me, I wish I did.  That would solve a lot of problems for me in the housekeeping department.)  That being said, it's good to manage your expectations with your photographer, or any vendor for that matter.  If you want something specific, make sure you are having those conversations ahead of time.  Sit down with your photog and let them help you make your schedule.  You both will be a lot happier!

5.  Take a TIME OUT - I've seen this all to often...a bride spends an insane amount of hours and energy planning their day down to where everyone will be seated only to get so stressed out to the MAX two minutes after the ceremony that she just wants to "get this over with."  To that, I say "nay!"  This is your day.  Not one single person is going to blame your for carving out some "you" time with your new hubby.  It's your party, you can hide in the dressing room for 20 minutes if you want to.  You will be less stressed, which means you'll be able to enjoy your day a million times more!  All your guests will wait...I pinky promise.

That's it for now!  Thank you so much for reading and hanging out with me for a little bit.  If you liked this post and want to get notifications when there is more awesome stuff coming out like posts, freebies, sneak peeks, etc.  take a second to join the mailing list.  I won't spam you a bunch or share your info. ;)