Angie & Mike: She Said Yes!

St. Charles, MO

I thought I'd post a throwback blog, because, in less than a month, these two are getting married!  We did their engagement session before I started blogging regularly, but these two special people need a space here!

So, Angie and Mike were referred to me by one of Angie's co-workers.  We realized we had a mutual love for Harry Potter and Disney, and that both Angie and I are "movie criers".  When, we did their engagement session in St. Charles, where we incorporated in everything that they love!  It was such an awesome experience getting to know them.  The best sessions are the ones that just feel like you are hanging out with friends!

IMG_0068 copy.L.jpg

They met on their first day of training at Tucano's, a local restaurant.  Apparently, it is THE place to meet someone, because they are not the only couple resulting from a job at this restaurant.  If you are single and looking, you should probably go apply like...right now...

What are you still doing here???  ;)


 Like most people, they didn't know what to do when it came to posing, but when they were looking at each other?  It was just natural.  They are perfect for each can just tell.

IMG_0144 copy.L.jpg

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