Bethany + Gunnar


How did they meet?

Bethany & Gunnar were set up on a blind date by Gunnar's pastor's wife and her sister, who also knew Bethany.  They met briefly at church only once in April, but didn't start dating until August.  Their first date was at Aroma Cafe in downtown Champaign, IL.  They talked for about five hours before leaving to get Chinese food and head to church for game night.  They agree that it couldn't have been more perfect!



How did he propose?

They went ring shopping before Gunnar proposed, so Bethany knew it was coming in the near future, but not exactly when.  Gunnar decided the best way to propose would be at their church, where they have spent quite a bit of their time.  So, he set it up with their campus pastor.  On March 3rd, he lured Bethany to church, claiming that he "had to pick something up at church."  When they arrived, he took her into the sanctuary, where he proposed.  He wanted to do it there so that she would know that he would love her like Christ loves the Church.


Why are they perfect for each other? 

Gunnar and Bethany are perfect for each other because they are both deeply devoted to their faith.  Gunnar is called to be a pastor, and their campus church has been a huge part of their relationship.  They love to read and go on long walks in Meadowbrook Park in Urbana, but most of all, they love each other.