Denny + Tori

How did they meet?

They both work at the Buckle, and they were sent to manager meetings, which they have to go to three times a year.  They met at one of these meetings.  Their first official date was a two night getaway in Chicago, since it was halfway in between their homes.  They dated long term for a year before Tori moved to St. Louis and they moved in to their first place together.  One of the first places Denny took her in St. Louis was the St. Louis Zoo.


How did he propose?

In November of 2016, Denny planned a mini vacation to Nashville.  While they were there, he took her to a rooftop bar and proposed to Tori.  Obviously, she said yes!


Why Denny & Tori perfect for each other?

They are both motivated and motivating people.  They are great together because they adore each other, and relate on so many levels.  At the same time, they are both easy going, and have a great sense of humor!  They are both huge Bears fans and love visiting different breweries together, but most of they love each other, and anybody who's around them for any length of time can just tell!