Jessica & Ben: I Thee Wed

St. Peters, MO

This late July wedding was perfection.  The weather cooperated, it wasn't unbearably hot, and Jessica and Ben were surrounded by their closest family and friends.  This couple actually booked me in July with no time for an engagement shoot, so unlike most of the weddings I shoot, the first time I met them was when they walked down the isle. Although, they are so fun and relaxed, it was easy to feel like old friends by the end of the evening.  

My favorite thing about the day was that they incorporated Jessica's son into the ceremony, and that he gave a toast!  During his toast, he thanked Ben for being such an important, supportive role model in his life, and even for coaching his sports team!  So, obviously my heart was a big puddle on the floor!  

Jessica and Ben met at Kohl's during their first interviews, and they both got the job!  They didn't start spending time together outside of work until about a year later, when they started hanging out with some of their co-workers.  Eventually, Ben asked asked Jessica if he could teach her to play tennis, which is what they did for their first date!

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They love to take road trips together and go to sporting events.  Fortunately, they both love the cardinals, (the right team...LOL) so there isn't a team rivalry between them.  Ben also loves the San Antonio Spurs, so they've traveled as far as Chicago and Memphis to watch games.

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They officially were engaged on a Florida vacation.  One day, a group of immediate family drove to Cocoa Beach, where Ben wrote "Will you Marry Me?" in the sand.  Now, Jessica always says that she's "in love with the Cocoa".

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Jessica calls Ben "Babe" and it's caught on so, now, everyone else calls him that, too!  Jessica's favorite thing to do with Babe is spend time together...even if it's just laying her head in his lap while they watch a game.  Ben's favorite thing would be playing tennis or anything active.  That would be Jessica's answer too, but she's too competitive, and doesn't like that he always beats her.  

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When I asked Ben what his favorite thing about Jessica is, he loves her biscuit face.  I have to be honest, I have no idea what it means, but I'm sure it's a cute inside joke, because that's just how they are. Jessica's favorite things are Ben's intelligence and his eagerness to learn.

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