Hayley & Myles: I Thee Wed

Springfield, IL

After Hayley and Myles said “I do”, and celebrated with their family and friends, they headed to Cartagena, Columbia for their honeymoon, which they reported was AMAZING! Cartagena is a little history port city with narrow streets and colorful colonial buildings with so much character. There is a wall surrounding the Old Town, and it’s called the “Walled City”.

They spent a lot of their time by to pool at their hotel that overlooked the beach, and explored the city at night. One of their favorite things to seek out was the numerous coffee shops.

One day of their trip, Hayley and Myles went on a day trip to the Rosario Islands, which had beautiful blue-green water. They said it was the perfect honeymoon.

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Looking back on their wedding day, Hayley said that her favorite part of their wedding day was at the church. She felt really close to Myles and everything felt so real. She wishes she could relive that moment forever.

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Myles said his favorite part of their wedding day was being able to share it with all the most important people in their lives. Having everyone together in one place while the band played all their special songs made everything perfect.

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While they are so excited to be married, they say that married life hasn’t been too much different besides the name and title changes. They’ve already built a life for themselves over the last ten years, so this is another milestone in their lives they’ve been able to share together.

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In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is their video sneak peek we delivered the morning after they tied the knot. We love the song they chose to go with it!

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