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That's why, each Tuesday you can get some real questions answered by real industry professionals!  Online facebook groups are great and you can get some solid information from other brides, but when it comes down to it, there are some questions where it's just the blind leading the blind {so to speak}.

So, let's get to it!  

TODAY'S TUESDAY TIDBITS are from a phenomenal Hair and Makeup Artist {HMUA} in Southern New Jersey named Molly Meyers-Goss.  Five years ago, Molly opened MADiFACE HAIR and MAKEUP, where she and her team of talented, licensed artists do on-site hair and makeup for weddings and special events. However, she's been in the industry for 25 years! 

I think it's safe to say, she knows her stuff.  

I interviewed her last week, and here is what she had to say:

How far ahead of time do you suggest brides book?

The trend lately is 12 months plus. I prefer 6-8 months from the brides’ big day.


When should they do their hair and makeup trials?  Should these be at the same time or done separately?

Trials for hair and makeup should be done together. I try to give my brides value added service by scheduling for a day they can get extra use out of their look. For example we plan for the day of their bridal shower, or perhaps the day of a dress fitting so they can see everything all together.



How much time should brides allow for hair and makeup before their ceremony?

I average the time getting ready at approximately 4 to 4 and ½ hours.  I book in 45 minute time slots.


What does it cost? 

The old saying “You get what you pay for.”, is very true in the wedding industry. I wouldn’t expect to pay any less than $150 for hair and makeup combined. The range for the Philadelphia tri-state area seems to be $150- $350.


What is the one thing you wished brides knew before booking a hair and makeup artist?

I wish more brides understood the value of a professional artist. Makeup that lasts all day, and looks amazing with HD photography is not the same as your regular street makeup. There are common products that shouldn’t be used, there are lighting techniques to consider.  There seems to be a disconnect between the large investment in a professional photographer and the nominal (by comparison) investment in a skilled artist to make your forever pictures the best they can be.



Why should a bride hire a professional as opposed to doing it themselves?

The brides wedding photos are forever. I’ve heard so many stories of brides regretting not having professionals on their big day. They think that it will save oodles of money, but then they watch a makeup video and feel compelled to buy the products to get “the look”. The biggest problem seems to be universal to most of us, because we are women. Women see every flaw, wrinkle, spot, and sag as though they are magnified. We see ourselves particularly flawed when we want to look our very best. Having an experienced non-bias eye working to bring out our individual beauty is uplifting. It’s also smart time management. I personally end up redoing my own brows or eye shadow several times, because I am being hypercritical in the moment as well!


Should they expect to make a deposit ahead of time?

Absolutely!  You should have a contract of services as well.


Are their any tips/tricks you would suggest that would help make their hair and/or makeup last longer?

I make sure to prep my brides’ skin before her makeup application. It needs to be cleansed, moisture balanced and primed even if you arrived with a clean face. It doesn’t take long for sweat, oils, and impurities to build up.  For the brides’ hair, I always do a heat set with my irons and then pin the curls to let the hair totally cool. I do this prior to makeup, and then finish the style after that.



What should a future bride look for when shopping around for a HMUA?

I would recommend that a bride looks for someone experienced and knowledgeable. Does their website reflect that? Are they licensed (hair/cosmetologist)? Does their work match your personal style? Do they offer a free phone consultation? This is so you can “meet” them and see if your personalities mesh.


What questions should they ask their HMUA?

A bride should ask about anything and everything that is not known by the bride, or a concern. There are no stupid questions! If it concerns you, it should concern your artist.


Are their any practical ways to save without taking advantage of their HMUA or sacrificing quality?  

Sometimes its not about getting a lower price, its about being given more for your money. For example: One MUA is priced at $160 for hair and makeup. A second MUA Charges $180. But, MUA #1 charges extra for airbrush, lashes, and assistant fee. If artist #2 includes all this which artist would actually save you money and be a better value?

There you have it!  If you found this helpful or if you have any questions we didn't think of or particular vendors you'd like to see interviewed, take a second and comment on this post and let me know!

If you are in Molly's area and want to get a hold of her, here's her contact info:

Molly Meyers-Goss, owner of MADiFACE HAIR and MAKEUP llc.



you can also find her on Facebook, Insta, Weddingwire, and the Knot!



{Photos in this article are furnished by Toss the Bouquet Studios and are not indicative of services by the interviewee.  Thanks for understanding!}

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