Melissa + Alex

Chicago, IL



May 5th, 2017

Last Saturday, I had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with Melissa & Alex in Chicago! When the maid of honor gave her speech at the reception, she told a story about Alex's reaction when he found out Melissa had been accepted to grad school in Florida. Without missing a beat, he told her to go ahead and send in the down payment, and that they would move. It is such a rare thing to find a self sacrificing, completely and unconditionally supportive love like these two beautiful people share, and I am truly blessed to have been apart of it.



How did Alex and Melissa meet?

They met on an online dating site.


What were their first impressions of each other?

Melissa thought Alex was very polite, and that he was good at making her feel comfortable when she was really nervous!  Alex thought Melissa was funny, personable, and laid back.


What was their first date like?

Alex planned their first date entirely...they went to a Peoria Chief's baseball game and walked around the Irish Festival on the riverfront.

How did Alex propose?

The two lovebirds went hiking at Starved Rock for Melissa's birthday.  They stopped to look out over the river, and Alex proposed right there!  He had secretly planned for their families to meet them in the lodge for dinner afterwards to celebrate their good news!  (Obviously, he was pretty confident she'd say yes!!)

What are some hobbies the couple enjoys sharing together?

They both enjoy live music, hiking, watching movies, seeing & playing sports, and exercising together!


In what ways are they the same?  In what ways are they different?

They both love to laugh and have similar personalities.  However, Alex likes to clean and gets bored more quickly than Melissa.  


Who said "I love you" first and how?

Alex said "I love you" first while they were on their first trip to Las Vegas in January of 2014.  They were sitting in their room talking, and he casually mentioned how "madly in love with her" he was!  Isn't that the cutest?!?!


What is Melissa's #1 favorite thing about Alex?

He always makes her laugh even when she doesn't feel like laughing.  She always feels comfortable with him and doesn't feel pressure to be someone else.  She knows he loves her just the way she is.


What is Alex's #1 favorite thing about Melissa?

Alex loves Melissa's infectious laugh and that she can make him laugh!


What is their favorite relationship memory?

I asked them this separately, but they both had the same answer...  their favorite memory is the day Alex proposed!

How would they describe their relationship "personality"?

Together they are positive, grateful, generous, and supportive.  He always knows what to do or say when she is stressed and vice versa.  They've been told that they make a good team.


What are Alex & Melissa planning for their honeymoon?

They newlyweds are headed for sunshine and relaxation!  They will be traveling to an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic.

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