Your Photographer

Really, at the heart of things, I’m just like you.   A mother, daughter, sister, friend...  An artist, a musician, an entrepreneur.  A lover of cat videos… with lots and lots of coffee, please!

I want to help you on the journey that brought you here.  I want to help your wedding day be everything you've dreamed.


So really?  We’re already a dream team.  You and me.

There was a time where wedding photography wasn't even something I thought about.  I was blissfully sitting in music classes and spending my spare time in practice rooms.  I spent my entire childhood life doing these things.  It was incredible, but a series of life events led me to see that God has something more for me, and for my family.

When I decided to pivot away from a music degree and towards business marketing to pursue a career in photography, I realized that the satisfaction of delivering emotional, personal images that pulled at the heartstrings of my clients was better than anything I could ever imagined.


As I plan each of my sessions, you are in my heart.  I want you to walk away from your experience with me with a means to look back and remember how amazing your day really was.   I want you to see how beautiful you are and how special your love is.  I want each image to cause you to fall in love all over again.  Whatever your story, I'm so blessed by you and happy that you found Toss the Bouquet Studios.  Because?  I've been waiting for you.

So here we are.  You and me.  You’re just as much a part of my story as I’m going to be a part of yours.  I'm going to be your memory keeper and I'm going to help you plan the details of your wedding.

Can we join forces and create something truly spectacular for you and your fiancée to have forever?  Let’s get started.