Well, hello!

I’m Ashley, I’ve had 32 years practice at being me.

I take a lot of pictures.

This is me.



I got married to this guy in January. We’ve been together for 11 years. His name is Adam, he’s in the Air Force, and he always makes me laugh…even when I’m mad it him, which is actually kind of annoying…


We have three crazy awesome kids. They are growing up way too fast, but I love watching them develop into their own little humans. Like most children, they are the cutest when they’re sleeping.



Meet Moses Hogan, one of my other children! I adopted him when I was in college, so he’s my old man, (even if you can’t tell by his puppy-like energy.) I love to dress him up in sweaters even though Adam says it’s animal abuse, but I say he loves it. ;) We also have adorable kitties.

I started out as a music performance major in college, but my actual degrees are in business management and marketing. I still give music lessons a few hours a week to some pretty awesome kids.



However, my passion lies in photographing weddings. In 2018, I was truly blessed in the growth of my business. I had a record number of weddings, and many of them gave me the opportunity to travel. I was honored to be asked to speak at two different facebook events, one in Effingham, IL and one in Springfield, IL. I talked to other business owners at how to best market their businesses.

I started doing photography over ten years ago, and it has been an amazing journey. My favorite thing about photography is capturing emotion, and weddings are full of that! I love when a subject looks at a photo of themselves and you can see on their face they are reliving the moment in their head.


3L9A9333 copy.jpg

Okay, now that you’ve heard all about me, it’s only fair that you tell me about yourself, too! I want to know all the things… how you met, what your proposal like, what your favorite things to do together are. We can probably talk about your wedding photography stuff too! ;)