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The Memory Keeper is a professional, family-owned media restoration, archival, design, and print studio based in central Illinois. We believe that there is nothing more important than family. That’s why preserving the documentation of the memories you’ve created with the people you love is so very important.

Ashley Jackson, founder of The Memory Keeper, realized the importance of photo archival and preservation after a house fire. Many precious photos had not been preserved digitally and were lost forever. She decided to offer these services on a small scale through her photography studio. Then, after much consideration, prayer, and conversation with her husband, Adam, they decided the time was right.

Ashley, Adam, and the rest of their team are happily preserving some of life’s best moments, and look forward to helping you relive yours, too.


Meet The Team

Ashley Jackson



Stephanie Deters

Digital Archivist, Customer Service

Adam Jackson

Office Manager, Digital Archivist


Stephany Price

Designer, Editor